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Srinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP

Srinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP is the maker of the world famous Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. For many people, when they think of incense, this is what comes to mind. We offer a wide variety of their most popular scents, including Nag Champa, Super Hit, Satya Natural and many others. All of these are hand rolled Masala based incenses.

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Satya Sai Baba means "Father (of) Divine Truth" and is the honorific title of a famous Indian guru who has endorsed this incense as his favourite. Nag means "Snake" and "Champa" means flower: thus the name means Snake Flower.


Black Crystal oct16

Black Crystal

The Black Crystal incense blend aids in amplifying your vibrational frequency and encourages a positive outlook, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Natural dec19


The Natural incense blend is a fresh, revitalizing scent ideal for sprucing up your environment.

Samyak jan23


The Samyak incense blend supports discipline and organization at work and helps activate creativity.

Ajaro feb18


‚ÄčThe Ajaro incense blend possesses a mellow, smooth aroma that alleviates worry during stressful periods.